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Monday, April 2nd, 2001
8:19 pm
the weight of a season
autumn falls on us
as she walks between the leaves

autumn crushes me
as she walks away to leave

the screen squeaks, slams
shes finally gone
shes gone and im gone
winter creeps in

last autumn we fell on each other
but thats over now
youve moved on
im left without

*sniff sniff*
Thursday, March 29th, 2001
4:26 pm
she dances just like Venus in the sky tonight
she loves what we have between us
between us is nothing;
nothing seperates us at all:
as close as we can be

'there's always a chance for improvement'
not sure if that would be good:
perchance, improvement isn't quite as necessary as it seems
she calls and all necessity is forgotten

she dances just like Venus in the sky tonight
Wednesday, March 21st, 2001
4:10 pm
darkness closes
as the new sun rises
the gossip noses
into those she despises
the musician poses
as the new star dies...
on the horizon

the door creaks
as the bolt sighs
the father speaks
through the baby's cries
i grow fat
while all else dies...
on the horizon

will there be another day
on the horizon?
or is this the last time
i'll watch the sun rising?
what will become of it all
when the sun stops rising?

an homeless man teaches
as the masses yearn
the promise is breached
and no one has learned
as He preaches the wheels finally turn..
toward the horizon

the Man is crucified
by those He taught
with Him, fear died
and incapacitating horror brought
onto the horizon

will there be another day
on the horizon?
it doesnt really matter
if the sun stops rising
i have an eternity
Above the horizon
Tuesday, March 20th, 2001
9:08 pm
It's certainly true, there's better things to do
and though I don't know everything
I wouldn't tell you anything if I did.
The last time I saw you act like this
we were kids.
What am I to do?
My heart goes out to you.
Over reacting, over again ...
just between friends.
What am I to do?
I won't come between you two.
What was I to do?
I gave it.
What was I to say?
I gave it all I could.
How was I to know?
I bet you'll never find another friend like me.

the get up kids rule

thats pretty much how im feelin right now
Sunday, March 18th, 2001
9:45 pm
another violent eruption of unfounded anger
rocks the 'steady'establishment and illumines the danger
that has already firmed its grip
and loosed its hellish minions who rip
any hope of reconciliation from the outstretched grasp
of the weary traveler, wounded of asp
the malignant giant sways and totters
as he readies himself for the fall
but before the deafening crash of Polyphemus,
a cool head prevails...for a season
and then when least expected,
or occasionaly most,
the cycle recreates itself out of some self-willed procreation
into and exploding fury of self-righteous disapprobation

my little commentary on anger and rage
Saturday, March 17th, 2001
12:21 am
is it possible to go a week without words?
i would have said no but a week ago
and now you've proven me wrong again
all communications cut off
for no particular reason
how can you do this to me?
i am so weak without words
and its been a week without words

we couldn't get enough only a fortnight ago
now there's no chance to be forth right, though
a simple word of reassurance would be fine
but you can't even give me that
and im dumb enough to give you the pleasure of seeing me
ripped apart

its been a week without words.
Thursday, March 15th, 2001
8:01 pm
a friendly (sometimes) unease seperates us
but being seperated isnt easy
we break the ice
and below us, our support breaks
as cold as ice
will it be like this forever?
friends forever
and anything more never

Current Mood: anxiously confused
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